York’s Security Measures Ineffective Against Bombers with Rucksacks
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York’s Security Measures Ineffective Against Bombers with Rucksacks

He says that following a ‘very successful Christmas Market… with no security issues or threats from any outside influences’ the new security barriers have proved their worth.

But how many of the visitors to the market strolled around with rucksacks on their shoulders, very similar to the Manchester Arena bomber?

It would take more than security barriers to stop a determined pedestrian.

A P Cox, Heath Close, Holgate, York


My plan for a better 2024

On the last day of 2023 I contemplated what to try to do in 2024.

I decided on this: not to read, listen or watch and think simply ‘that`s awful’ but rather ‘what can I do to contribute positively?’ Maybe sponsor a tree…

Wishing you a better 2024,

Rose Berl, Vine Street, York


York’s top letter writers of 2023…

Please find my seventh annual summary of readers’ letters in The Press.

During 2023 the total number of letters printed was 835 – slightly lower than the 2022 figure of 1160.

The top five writers for 2023 were: – DM Deamer: 102 – Peter Rickaby: 76 – Matthew Laverack: 65 – Derek Reed: 63 – T J Ryder: 29 There were 16 letters published as ‘Name and Address Withheld’ Despite a drop in the number of letters published on the previous year, the Readers Letters page continues to be a popular feature of the newspaper.

For anyone considering writing on any subject during 2024, you will find the email address for the editor on this page. Have a go!

Ken Thorpe, Ebor Way, Upper Poppleton, York

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