York’s Aslef Drivers at LNER Prepare to Strike Amid Ongoing Pay Dispute
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York’s Aslef Drivers at LNER Prepare to Strike Amid Ongoing Pay Dispute

Passengers will face disruption as drivers at LNER, part of the Aslef union, plan to walk out from Monday, February 5. The drivers will also refuse to work any non-contractual overtime from Wednesday, February 7, to Saturday, February 10, causing further disruption for rail passengers. Disruption is also expected on days either side of the strikes. The LNER strike is part of a series of walkouts against train operators across England previously announced by Aslef.

Union says LNER and Government have made ‘no realistic’ offer to members

According to Mick Whelan, general secretary of Aslef, the union has given LNER management and the Government “every opportunity to come to the table” and negotiate, but so far they have made “no realistic offer” to members. “We have not heard from the transport secretary since December 2022, or from the train operating companies since April 2023,” he said. TUC general secretary Paul Nowak said: “Ministers and train bosses must stop playing political games and get around the negotiating table. That’s how to put an end to these disputes.”

Government says it made a ‘fair and reasonable’ offer

On the other hand, a Department for Transport spokesperson said the Government has provided a “fair and reasonable” offer that was accepted by other unions. “Instead of staging more damaging industrial action, we urge the Aslef leadership to work with industry negotiators to resolve the dispute. We remain focused on running reliable services for our customers.”

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Aslef members across England will ban overtime for nine days from Thursday, February 29, and strike against individual train operators on different days between Tuesday, January 30, and Monday, February 5. The dispute started in the summer of 2022 and shows little sign of being resolved.