York Councillor Andy D’Agorne Urges Action on Millennium Bridge
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York Councillor Andy D’Agorne Urges Action on Millennium Bridge

During a transport meeting on Tuesday, Andy D’Agorne claimed that the Millennium Bridge is cut off every winter due to flooding from the River Ouse.

The waterlogged path prevents access for wheelchair users and pushchairs, and cyclists and pedestrians have to navigate muddy and wet grass to reach the bridge.

Flood water preventing access to Millennium Bridge (Image: Andy D’Agorne)

At the meeting, Mr D’Agorne said: “£350,000 of SUSTRANS funding has been sitting in the council’s coffers for several years with no design or construction contract in place.

“It’s not a complicated project, but it urgently needs to be completed. Can you commit to an Environment Agency approved design by March and a contract to start work by summer 2024?”


Responding to these comments, Executive Member for Transport, Cllr Pete Kilbane, said: “Mr D’Agorne had four years in office to sort this problem out and singularly failed to do so.

“During that time, the Environment Agency was on site for 18 months, yet still no progress was made.

“We have picked up this issue and are working to fix it. If Mr D’Agorne had put as much effort into doing his previous job as he is criticizing the current administration, then this problem would have been resolved a long time ago.”