York Council Fails to Collect Recycling for 4 Consecutive Weeks
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York Council Fails to Collect Recycling for 4 Consecutive Weeks

There was no consultation on the council’s plans which contrast with previous years when delays were restricted to only a few days at most. There is a willingness among residents to recycle as much as we can, but this is a blow. It is a poor example by the council. During 2023, the Foxwood Residents Association have been carrying out monthly litter picks along with residents. In addition, we have been encouraging residents to reuse/recycle as much of their waste as possible. We are therefore disappointed with the council’s response to residents’ genuine efforts to take pride in their local communities.

Shirley Gumley, Chair, Foxwood Residents Association, Foxwood Lane, York.
Have a rethink on our security barriers OVER the last few year’s there has been a lot of controversy surrounding the ongoing installation of the security barriers surrounding the centre of York. Following the very successful Christmas Market in the city center, and with no security issues or threats from any outside influences, the barriers have already proven their worth. And I believe the doubters should reconsider their opposition.

D M Deamer, Penleys Grove Street, Monkgate, York.
What next for Nestle? REGARDING the vote for the nation’s favourite Christmas chocolate, I’m hoping this isn’t just a marketing ploy by Nestle to determine which one they should axe next? Seeing the news coming from that firm lately you’d think they’d been taken over by Rishi Sunak. Dr Scott Marmion, Woodthorpe, York.

Hope for ‘remoaners’ PERHAPS a miracle will happen in the new year that the moaning remainers will give us all a break, accept that we have left the European Union and start to help and encourage everyone to make Britain the great, independent country it once was. Mary Morton, Hob Moor Drive, Holgate, York.

We’ve heard it before WE hear again that the Labour Party policy for raising money if they get in office: take away the non-dom status and tax them very heavily. When will they learn it is that same old rhetoric time and time again? This causes not only revenue loss, but the staff at their residences: cooks, maids, chauffeurs etc lose their jobs, so no tax revenue there. When will they learn? By the looks of it never because they have put no other policies forward except the one to borrow trillions of pounds and run the country into the ground. T J Ryder, Acomb, York.