There is nothing wrong with naming a baby or choosing a name that might seem a bit odd to some but the thing is that this is something that everyone will have to go and more often than not, people end up making mistakes in the naming process that they regret in the end and that is what needs to be avoided because after all, the more you focus on avoiding this, the better it will be in general.

Whether you are naming your child after baby names inspired by autumn or something else, the choice is yours, of course, but that does not mean that you can choose anything and go ahead with it. Below are a few mistakes that you must avoid in order to have the right name for your baby.

Using a Pop Culture Reference as a Name

Yes, I totally understand how cool it sounds or how hip this sounds but the thing is that if you are going to name your kid after a pop culture reference, they are going to grow up and wonder what the name means; sooner or later the name is going to die out and the popularity will too, and your child will be left with a name that no one knows about but it sounds funny and different.

Naming Them After Some TV Show Character

Yes, I understand how cool Heisenberg or Khaleesi sounds like but these are fictional characters belonging to TV shows and in a few years, they are also going to become irrelevant. Imagine your kid growing up with a name that becomes more and more irrelevant and is one of the least common names out there. Not something you’d want.

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