Wagyu Wows at Christmas: Warrendale beef takes over from Turkey
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Wagyu Wows at Christmas: Warrendale beef takes over from Turkey

The Warrendale Wagyu beef company, located near Pocklington, has recently experienced a surge in sales. They shipped out 265 boxes of their premium meats last Thursday, making it their busiest day ever. Additionally, their business has been further boosted by a partnership with Aldi, the fourth largest supermarket chain in Britain.

As more shoppers and diners look for alternatives to traditional turkey, the demand for Warrendale Wagyu’s premium beef has risen. The company offers a variety of Wagyu beef cuts, such as a 3-bone rib to a fillet, which has become a popular choice as a Christmas centrepiece. Their best-selling product for the holiday season has been the 21-day dry-aged joints, exclusively produced for Christmas. Other top sellers include the fillet center cut and sirloin.

Aldi began selling Wagyu beef from Warrendale in 2020 and expects a record number of sales this year. In the lead up to Christmas, Warrendale Wagyu supplied more than 12,500 joints and over 10,000 steaks to Aldi. This includes a variety of Wagyu beef products such as the award-winning Wagyu Wing Rib, Wagyu Tomahawk, and the new Wagyu Picanha Joint.

The cattle at Warrendale Wagyu are slow-growing and feed on grass and a specialized grain diet for around two years, before being processed. The company prides itself on full traceability of its products, ensuring that they know where every animal has come from and where it has been from birth. The partnership with Aldi has been vital to the company’s growth and they anticipate this Christmas to be their best yet for sales.

Jim Bloom founded Warrendale Wagyu in 2017, and the company now employs 25 staff. In addition to Wagyu beef, they also produce and sell eggs, gin, dog food, and ready meals, with plans to launch sausage sales in the autumn and dog food and ready meals in the New Year.