Unforgettable Deal or No Deal: From Memorable Victories to Costly Errors
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Unforgettable Deal or No Deal: From Memorable Victories to Costly Errors

Recently making a return with Stephen Mulhern now hosting, the programme is based on the original Netherlands format of the game show. Each episode sees a contestant choosing one of 22 boxes, each containing a cash amount.

Now that it has made its return, old fans of the show may notice the prize money has dropped significantly. Despite this, the show has already given some stand out moments, but none quite as exciting as the original 11-year run.


In the Channel 4 series, various twists, either during themed special shows or permanently, are applied to the gameplay. None have returned to the 2023 iteration thus far.

Big winners (250k) – timeline

On 7 January 2007, Laura Pearce became the first winner. Over the years, many others have also enjoyed winning large sums of money from the game show.

Olly Murs appearance

Singer Olly Murs had been desperately trying to fund medical care for his mother when he first appeared on Deal or No Deal pre-X Factor fame but may have been a little over-confident. He turned down a massive £26,000 in the hope of raising the bar higher, only to end up with virtually nothing.

When Anne nearly lost everything

In 2015 a pensioner called Anne almost lost a life-changing amount of money after making a careless mistake. By the time Anne had two boxes left, it was just the 50p and £250,000 boxes left, and the banker attempted to outsmart her, by making an unusual offer.