Staying Active During the Holiday Season: Fitness Tips for Skipping the Gym
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Staying Active During the Holiday Season: Fitness Tips for Skipping the Gym

This is sometimes worsened by the fact that many gyms shut over the festive period. If you’re looking for some tips to keep fit this Christmas and won’t have access to a gym over the holidays, look no further. Here are some top tips for keeping fit and staying in shape this Christmas and New Year without hitting the gym.

How to keep fit without going to the gym this Christmas

A Christmas or Boxing Day walk

15 to 30 minutes of exercise is hugely beneficial over the Christmas period. (Image: Getty)

While this may seem like an obvious choice to many, walking comes with a number of huge benefits and is used by many to help burn off Christmas dinner.

Personal trainer Will Smith from Club Company says: “You should aim to do around 15 to 30 minutes of exercise every single day, even if it’s something simple just to keep you moving.

“It’s easy to slack off over Christmas but if you do that it’s going to be even harder to get fit in January.” 

Opt for healthier festive foods

Ensuring you choose healthier Christmas foods can go a long way in making sure you stay healthy. (Image: Getty)

Speaking to GQ, Penny Weston, founder of the online fitness platform MADE, has said that by ensuring you opt for some healthier foods over the holidays, you are helping yourself stay in shape.

She said: “I would suggest always making sure you have leafy greens, such as spinach or kale, and red or orange vegetables, such as carrots or peppers,” adding: “They are full of vitamins and minerals and can be eaten in a variety of ways, from raw, to cooked, to juiced or turned into soups.”

Look for fitness instructors online

Taking online fitness classes allows you to exercise in your own time this Christmas. (Image: Getty)

There are many fitness instructors on platforms such as YouTube, making it easier than ever to try a routine in the comfort of your own home over the holidays.

Popular names like Joe Wicks spring to mind with these personalities offering short lessons that can be tried in your own time.

Plan ahead

Making your meals ahead of time will make it easier to stay on track this festive season. (Image: Getty)

According to fitness trainer Julia Buckley speaking with Red Bull, Christmas can often see us indulge in a number of unhealthy eating practices.

One way to counter this is to make meals ahead of time so you’re not tempted to order in.

For those heading out to a restaurant for a meal, it may be wise to eat something before you leave, making it less likely you’ll eat more than you need to.

She said: “A vegetable omelette or beans on toast will keep you going and help you to steer clear of late-night cheesy chips.”