Sleep Out Fundraiser at Methodist Church Benefits Carecent and Inspire North
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Sleep Out Fundraiser at Methodist Church Benefits Carecent and Inspire North

The group was also fund-raising for two charities that aid the homeless with breakfast and help in finding accommodations. Victoria Etherington experienced the ordeal firsthand, describing it as utterly miserable and sleepless. She and others highlighted the discomfort, coldness, and aches they felt, underscoring how they gained insight into the homeless experience despite having better equipment.

Furthermore, they emphasized that homelessness can happen to anyone and that the rising cost of living contributes to the homeless population while reducing charity donations. Two children who participated expressed their newfound empathy towards homeless individuals and their intention to help them in the future. During the event, the group used a roleplay game to understand the challenges faced by care workers in assisting the homeless.

The adults took turns watching over the group during the night. This was the fifth year of the event organized by the Yorkshire North and East District of the Methodist Church, which saw participation from people who were unable to join at the church, with some even sleeping in their own gardens.

The group aims to have raised thousands of pounds for Carecent and Inspire North through the event. Carecent serves as a breakfast center and provides clothing and fellowship for the homeless, while Inspire North focuses on securing long-term housing for homeless individuals and helping them transition to a home.