Skylights York Band Releases New Song “Time To Let Things Go” on February 9th
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Skylights York Band Releases New Song “Time To Let Things Go” on February 9th

Skylights’s ‘Time To Let Things Go’, the Latest Tune, to Be Released on February 9
subtitle: The band’s latest single takes a different approach to their indie rock sound, displaying a more acoustic and introspective style that reflects on life and moving on after hard choices.

Skylights’ latest tune, “Time To Let Things Go,” is set to be released on Friday, February 9. This comes after a successful year for the group in 2023, with the release of “Enemies” – which peaked at number three in the iTunes charts and was streamed over one million times on X, formerly known as Twitter. They also played at top venues across the UK, including King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut in Glasgow, where Oasis were signed in the 1990s.

Known for their indie rock sound, Skylights fills venues and gets crowds moving both at home and away. However, “Time To Let Things Go” sees the four-piece band take a gentler approach. Distorted riffs that opened some of their most popular songs, such as “Outlaw” and “YRA,” are replaced by an acoustic guitar and piano before the lead vocals cut in.

The song reflects on life and moving on after difficult choices. Turnbull Smith, the band’s guitarist and main spokesperson, describes the track as “melancholy” but adds that it reflects on moving on from hard decisions. He says the song explores feelings of leaving things behind and moving on to grow as a person, and invites listeners to pre-save the song ahead of its release date next month. The band’s “dream” is to get an official number one vinyl single in the UK. Last year, Skylights supported York legends Shed Seven at Millennium Square in Leeds, during which they opened for the Britpop band and played before a 6,000-strong crowd. They have also attracted a large following in Aberdeen and played at the city’s Beach Ballroom.

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