Shocking Video: Driver narrowly avoids being hit by falling roof
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Shocking Video: Driver narrowly avoids being hit by falling roof

The entire roof of a building was blown off and landed on a road during Storm Isha, narrowly missing a passing car on Westgate Road in Belton, Lincolnshire.

The shocking CCTV footage shows the car driving along before the roof comes flying off the building. The video emerged as Storm Isha caused major disruption across the UK.

The clip was captured on CCTV by Chris Woollas, 50, who said the driver ‘doesn’t know how lucky they are.’

They said: “It’s an old building that’s currently being renovated. There’s lots of scaffolding on it, but it’s just blown the roof off.”

“I saw the footage and thought that the person in the car doesn’t know how lucky they are. If they had been driving a little bit slower, then the roof could have gone straight through the windscreen.”

The destructive storm has led to the death of a pensioner and has left thousands of homes without power.

An 84-year-old man died during Storm Isha after the car he was a front seat passenger in crashed into a fallen tree in Grangemouth, Falkirk, Police Scotland said.

Transport services were also disrupted with roads closed, rail lines blocked and flights diverted, while dozens of schools were shut on Monday.

The Met Office said Storm Isha, the ninth named storm to hit the UK since the season began in September, is moving away from the UK on Monday but conditions remained windy with a mixture of sunny spells and scattered showers.

The next storm due to hit the UK and Ireland has been named by the Irish Meteorological Service as Storm Jocelyn, which is expected to cause strong winds from Tuesday night into Wednesday morning.

The UK Met Office has issued an amber warning for wind covering western and northern Scotland from 6pm on Tuesday until 8am on Wednesday.