Ripon Cathedral Halts Annex Plan Following Outcry
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Ripon Cathedral Halts Annex Plan Following Outcry

The cathedral has announced that the controversial proposals for a new song school and cafe next to the cathedral will be put on hold for several months. This pause will allow for consideration of concerns and input from stakeholders.

Local businesses and residents in Ripon have expressed opposition to the plans, citing concerns about potential negative impact on trade and the removal of trees. The cathedral has not completely abandoned the plans, but they are open to making alterations to address the objections raised.

Jenni Holman, a local resident involved in organizing protests and a petition, hopes that this pause will lead to a compromise that satisfies all parties. She emphasized the importance of full public consultation to prevent similar disputes in the future.

The cathedral’s statement mentioned ongoing collaboration with planners and the decision to pause the planning application to allow for additional consultation and feedback from the community. They aim to deliver necessary amenities while considering the concerns of stakeholders.

Details about the project can be found on the cathedral’s website: