Riding to Success: The Story of Rupert Armitage and the Bedding Barn near York
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Riding to Success: The Story of Rupert Armitage and the Bedding Barn near York

Based at Bugthorpe Grange, The Bedding Barn has grown from a home-based operation to a thriving business with many customers and a wide delivery area seeking equine care and supplies.

Founded in February 2022 by Rupert Armitage, a former city professional turned entrepreneur, the business fills a significant gap in the market. Inspired by his wife Sue, an avid horse enthusiast, the couple noticed the lack of reliable equine supply and delivery services in the region.

The Bedding Barn’s unique selling proposition lies in a commitment to delivering high-quality horse bedding, feed, supplements, and stable accessories directly to horse owners’ doorsteps. This service is particularly valued in the rural and semi-rural areas of North & East Yorkshire. In less than two years, the business has expanded significantly, operating two large vans, serving over 400 customers across a 4500 square mile area, and offering a vast range of products including major feed and supplement brands, quality stable equipment, and a variety of pet foods.

The Bedding Barn has experienced a remarkable growth in demand, as evidenced by a more than 350% increase in the individual bags of feed ordered from their main wholesaler between 2022 and 2023. The business has also maintained strong partnerships with major equine wholesalers, contributing positively to the local economy and the equine industry.

Rupert stated, “We are thrilled to see how well The Bedding Barn has been received by the community. Our goal has always been to provide the highest quality products and services to horse owners and enthusiasts. The response we’ve gotten is a clear indication that we’re filling an essential need.”

The Bedding Barn’s future plans include expanding their product lines, delivery areas, exploring eco-friendly options, and further engaging with the local equestrian community through events and educational initiatives.

For more information about The Bedding Barn, its products, and services, go to www.thebeddingbarn.co.uk or contact Rupert on 07710 130588