Reviving the Post Office: Why It’s Time for Public Ownership
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Reviving the Post Office: Why It’s Time for Public Ownership

The agony of a Downing street under chaos is ending and will be replaced by a government ensuring stability, addressing challenges, investing in skills and jobs, and improving public services. Despite increasing flooding and high river levels, the Prime Minister pushed through laws to expand oil and gas production, ignoring calls for a just transition at COP28. Meanwhile, the Labour party aims to achieve zero-carbon energy by 2030 and create green collar jobs. Recognition and appreciation goes to those who worked over the holidays to keep the public safe from flooding. Measures to improve resilience and restore barriers post-Boxing Day 2015 have made the city more secure during floods. However, more focus is needed on upper catchment mitigation to slow river flow.

In addition to the flooding, thanks were extended to those who worked tirelessly to keep the public safe during heavy rain. Since Boxing Day 2015, improvements in resilience measures and the restoration of barriers have made the city more secure during flooding. However, there is still a need to focus on upper catchment mitigation to reduce the speed of river flow.

The issues in the Middle East, particularly the situation in Israel/Palestine, was debated in Parliament this week. The rising death toll and humanitarian crisis in Gaza, along with the hindered flow of aid, are unacceptable. Government intervention is imperative to ensure aid reaches those in need and to call for a ceasefire.

Concerns were also raised about the arts addressing the Post Office Horizon Scandal, advocating for full compensation and justice for those affected. There is a call for the Post Office, Royal Mail, and other businesses to be brought back into public ownership with strong accountability and oversight.

Furthermore, Parliament is addressing issues related to children with Special Educational Needs, such as Free School Meals and the urgent need for increased resources and funding for the Local Authority. The focus is on improving communication, navigation, and access to services for children and parents. The week will also involve discussions with the Minister about the harm caused by a Multi Academy Trust in York.

As the new year begins and Parliament reconvenes, Rachael Maskell, the Labour MP for York Central, is prepared for both a change in government and to continue serving the public.