Remember These? 10 British Snacks We Wish Would Make a Comeback
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Remember These? 10 British Snacks We Wish Would Make a Comeback

Occasionally, a once-loved snack disappears from supermarket shelves and seems to be gone forever.

Some have made a comeback, such as the beloved 90s treat Astros returning to stores.

However, most once-loved treats are never seen again, leaving us wishing for a time machine.

While we don’t have a time machine, we thought we’d reminisce about ten iconic British snacks that are now discontinued.

Take a look and see how many you remember.

10 Discontinued British snacks that the nation misses:

1. Calippo Shots

Calippo Shots. (Flickr/ Leo Reynolds)

For many, this summer treat was a childhood staple, but sadly, it’s no longer found in stores. The tiny flavored ice balls were a quintessential British Summer experience.

2. Fabulous bakin’ boys cupcakes

Fabulous bakin’ boys cupcakes (Flickr)

These sweet treats were a perfect combination of cake and chocolate, ideal for adding to a lunchbox.

3. Dream bar

Keeping with the chocolate theme, the Dream bar was white chocolate heaven that was taken from us too soon. While they left us ten years ago, there have been reports of them popping up in budget store B&M.

4. Prawn Cocktail Wotsits

The end of these much-missed crisps created an uproar, with nearly 3,500 people signing a petition to bring them back, but Walkers wasn’t up for their return.

5. CocoPop straws

If you were lucky enough to try these snacks, you’ll know the joy of sucking up the leftover cereal milk. The wafer yumminess is missed and even saw a petition launch.

6. Mars Planets

These cinema snacks offered a multi-choice experience, with chewy, crispy, or soft options, but they were discontinued, leaving fans searching for a new cinema snack.

7. Jacobs Oddities

These cheesy little baked shapes had a catchy advert and were loved by many but lasted just six years on the shelves.

8. White Maltesers

Much like their twin, the classic milk chocolate Maltesers, these balls of biscuit heaven were a yummy treat for white chocolate lovers.

9. Cadbury Ritz

This bar was a slice of paradise for those who love a sweet and salty treat, with a thick layer of Cadbury chocolate and a Ritz cracker in the middle.

10. Smarties Pop Up

Smarties Pop Up (Flickr/ Leo Reynolds)

Loved by many, the Smarties Pop-Up was an amazing ice cream with Smarties at the bottom, but it has lost its place on supermarket shelves.

What discontinued snack do you miss the most?