Quitting Smoking in 2024: All the Help You Need
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Quitting Smoking in 2024: All the Help You Need

The New Year is when most smokers say they want to quit,¬†with the latest¬†statistics showing 36.6% tried to in the last 12 months. Quitting smoking can be tough, but there is plenty of advice available. Here are the benefits of quitting and the do’s and don’ts:

– You may look better and have reduced risks of smoking-related diseases.
– Regarding physical health, your body is flooded with thousands of chemicals every time you smoke. Once you stop, the body clears toxins and begins the repair process.
– Benefits of quitting include improved taste and smell, easier breathing, and more energy, as well as better blood circulation and improved lung function.
– Many try quitting with willpower, but it’s easier with the right help. There are support options available, so try a combination that suits you.
– Vaping is considered less harmful than smoking, and it’s an effective tool for quitting. Stop-smoking treatments help manage nicotine cravings and withdrawal symptoms, boosting the chances of successfully quitting.