Persistent Flood Warnings in Place for York and North Yorkshire
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Persistent Flood Warnings in Place for York and North Yorkshire

The Viking Recorder on the Ouse in York is still reading 4.3 metres above normal levels this morning. Since 5am on December 29, the river has been at or near four metres. The highest level ever recorded was 5.40m on November 4, 2000.

The Environment Agency reports that flooding continues to impact properties in Skeldergate, Tower Street near Tower Gardens, and Cumberland Street. Skeldergate and Terry Avenue are closed.

“Further rainfall is forecast in the coming days, and levels are expected to remain high,” said a spokesman. “Our incident room is open, and we are closely monitoring the situation. Avoid walking, cycling, or driving through flood water. Plan driving routes to avoid low-lying, flooded roads near rivers.”

Warnings remain in place for riverside properties, St George’s Field, and Queen’s Staith on the River Ouse in York, as well as at Naburn Lock. A warning is also in place for Fulford and Fordlands Road, where properties from Blue Bridge Lane to the A64 could be affected by flooding.

Flood warnings are in place across North Yorkshire, with the Selby area particularly affected, and high levels on the River Aire. Burn, Brayton, Chapel, and East Haddlesey are also under warning. The River Derwent near Stamford Bridge, The Weir Caravan Park, Kexby Bridge, and Buttercrambe Mill are also facing flood warnings.