17 Apr, 2024

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Simon Baynes Wholesale Launches Inaugural Trade Event

Simon Baynes Wholesale, established in 1918 as Pennington’s by Eric and Millie Pennington, has grown from a small market stall on Parliament Street in York to a thriving business serving customers across Yorkshire with over 3,000 product lines. The family also operates Millie’s, a popular fruit and veg shop on Bishopthorpe Road, named after Simon’s […]

3 mins read

York Minster hosts unique anti-terror exercise: Operation Obtundity

Starting at 6pm on Monday, January 22, a combination of emergency services and police forces tested their joint response to a series of simulated terrorist incidents. North Yorkshire’s police, fire and rescue, and ambulance service joined counter terrorism police and York Minster police. The entire exercise was overseen by the national counter terrorism security office. […]