MP Julian Sturdy calls for dualing of both A1237 and A64
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MP Julian Sturdy calls for dualing of both A1237 and A64

Despite the fact that many people walk, run, and cycle in York, motorists often feel stuck in traffic. This is why I have pledged to Get York Moving Again, ensuring that all residents can travel freely throughout the city. My focus is on addressing long-standing issues in York, such as the dualling of the A64.

Together with my colleagues, we are launching a campaign to finally dual the A64. As part of his mayoral campaign, Keane has committed to a multi-million pound investment towards this project.

The A64 and the A1237 Outer Ring Road are notorious for gridlock traffic. While progress has been made on the dualling of the A1237, there are still challenges to overcome.

As we work towards improving York’s transport infrastructure, it’s crucial that we address concerns without causing unnecessary delays. The goal is to make significant improvements, not cutbacks, to the current transportation options.

Ultimately, change is on the horizon for York’s transport policy, with a focus on improving the experience for all residents. Stay tuned for updates on what Keane proposes for York’s bus services as we move forward.