Meet the Cast of ITV’s Significant Other and Where to Watch
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Meet the Cast of ITV’s Significant Other and Where to Watch

The plot centers on two individuals, Sam and Anna, who find themselves in a challenging situation. After ingesting a large number of pills, Sam plans to end his life, only to be interrupted by the sound of his neighbor Anna experiencing a heart attack.

Sam accompanies Anna to the hospital, and their initial reluctance to be there for each other gradually evolves into a deeper connection.

Notable actors Katherine Parkinson and Youssef Kerkour take on the lead roles of Anna and Sam in this ITV production.

Katherine Parkinson has gained recognition for her roles in various TV shows such as IT Crowd, Doc Martin, Here We Go, Whites, Humans, and In The Club, among others.

Youssef Kerkour’s credits include appearances in Ridley Scott’s Napoleon, Home, Criminal: UK, Pirates, Stay Close, and Man Like Mobeen.

Full Cast List for Significant Other:

  • Anna: Katherine Parkinson
  • Sam: Youssef Kerkour
  • Shelley: Kéllé Bryan
  • Gina: Sue Vincent
  • Nurse – Corridor: Andrea Crewe
  • Tommo: Linford Johnson
  • Josh: Dave Jones
  • Dr. Reddick: Tasha Lim
  • Nurse – Bench: Sophie Lucas
  • Nurse – Ward: Michelle Parker

Viewing Options for Significant Other

Significant Other will be shown on ITV1 starting on Sunday Janaury 7 at 10.15pm.

The series will air weekly, with two episodes being broadcast consecutively, totaling six episodes over three weeks.

Viewers can also watch Significant Other on ITVX.