Marijuana in California

There are different rules and regulations in different regarding the consumption of marijuana. But as it stands it is legal to consume marijuana for both medical and recreational use in the state of California. Marijuana was legalized for medicinal use in 1996 and then legalized for recreational use later in 2016. The legalization of marijuana has opened up business options and opportunities for potential sellers and traders in California.

If you are thinking of setting up the California marijuana dispensary then there are certain things and aspects that you must know and understand before you proceed. Some of this stuff includes the reason for starting the dispensary, preparing for the start of the dispensary, getting started, understanding the legal documents and laws, helpful tools, assembling the supply, setting up, and then finally marketing the whole thing. It requires proper planning, dedicated effort, and the right strategy to succeed in your marijuana dispensary venture. You should always undertake careful planning, strategize, and then execute your plans to have the highest probability of success in your marijuana dispensary business. 

Laws and legal regulations

If you want to start a marijuana dispensary for selling then you need to be aware of these laws, protocols, and regulations that are in place in the state of California. The primary license that you need for setting up a marijuana dispensary in California is the state license. You can obtain a state license through the Bureau of Marijuana Control however it also depends on the availability at a specific period of time. You must also file a fictitious business name statement to the county clerk if you are planning to operate the marijuana dispensary under a specific name, in the state of California. 

Marijuana in California

Once you have procured the state license you would also need to get the business license from the local city hall. Also if you are planning on opening a home-based dispensary of marijuana then you might need to procure a home occupation permits from the city hall. This process of procuring the home occupation permit takes somewhat longer than the business license because the city will send the officials for inspecting the home which will ensure that it is in compliance with the necessary law and local regulations. 

Besides this, you might also need certain documentation based on how the structure of the marijuana dispensary business is going to be set up. You will need to file additional documents for successfully setting up the marijuana dispensary business. 

There are also certain restrictions and prohibitions that must be followed properly. These regulations or prohibitions are as follows. Anyone who is under 21 is not allowed to sell marijuana as the minimum age for selling and consuming marijuana is set at 21. The business locations for marijuana shouldn’t be within 600 feet of a daycare, youth center, or the school. You aren’t allowed to build a large-scale marijuana business in a specific area and this regulation is in place to avoid the monopoly of the business. Finally, you are not allowed to sell marijuana to minors.

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