Macmillan and York Hospital Unveil Innovative Cancer Care Centre
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Macmillan and York Hospital Unveil Innovative Cancer Care Centre

The “patient-led” transformation set to revive and enhance cancer care will improve upon the former facility hosting around 6,000 patients annually. After closing to drop-ins during the pandemic, the space was used for offices. The Macmillan health and wellbeing support team oversees the centre, aiming to listen to cancer patients, provide advice, and guide them to resources. To reinvigorate the centre, Macmillan has drafted plans to expand and enhance the space, turning to patients for feedback to ensure their needs are met.

Macmillan’s personalized care lead for York, Colm Gough, aims to shift support to a more proactive, holistic, clinical approach. Katy Pierce, Macmillan’s partnership manager for Yorkshire and Humber, noted the reduced services during the pandemic, which had an impact on patients and their families. As a result, a new centre is set for development through patient consultations and feedback.

The new centre will feature an improved garden space with a heated pod, a new entrance, and patient-friendly spaces for bed-bound patients. Counseling services and communal spaces will also be upgraded. Patient representatives, such as Louise Rhodes and Angie Junt, who have personal experiences with breast cancer, have contributed to the center’s development.

The centre is expected to open in early 2025. Designs are being finalized, and artists are being sought to contribute to the creation of a welcoming space. According to Katie Pierce, the new centre at York Hospital will provide a gold standard level of service for cancer patients, as part of the partnership with the hospital’s trust.