LNER train drivers cancel five-day strike in York
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LNER train drivers cancel five-day strike in York

LNER drivers who are Aslef union members were planning to go on strike and refuse to work overtime starting on February 5.

The five-day strike was supposed to follow a series of one-day strikes from January 30 to February 5, as well as a nine-day ban on overtime starting on January 29.

While the one-day strikes and overtime ban are still happening, Aslef has canceled the five-day strikes scheduled for February 5.

The drivers were protesting against LNER due to concerns that the company might implement new minimum service level regulations.

However, it seems that these regulations will not be implemented during the upcoming strikes, leading to the cancellation of the five-day action.

The new law aims to ensure that a minimum level of service (set at 40%) is available during strikes in the railway industry.

Unions have cautioned that the regulations are impractical and potentially dangerous if passengers rely on a certain number of trains running.

None of the train companies affected by the new strikes have indicated that they will implement the regulations.

Unions in other sectors affected by the new law have also warned that they are unwarranted and impractical.

An LNER spokesperson stated, “We are pleased that the threat of extended disruption to our services has been lifted. We urge Aslef to work with us to resolve this long-running dispute, which only harms the rail industry.”