Joseph Rowntree School in York Braces for Potential Shortage of Places
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Joseph Rowntree School in York Braces for Potential Shortage of Places

According to a council report published on January 8, Joseph Rowntree School in York has experienced a decline in enrollment, and this trend is expected to continue. The report recommends a reduction in the published admission number (PAN) from 232 to 210, citing financial pressures on the school.

The report also expresses concerns about the potential difficulty in accommodating all students in Year 7 and facilitating in-year migration if the PAN is reduced. It notes that there may be a higher number of pupils starting Year 7 in the coming years than originally forecast, raising concerns about a potential deficit of places at the school.

School leadership has assured council officers that the school could be flexible and would accommodate all children living in catchment if necessary. Additionally, there are recommendations to reduce the PAN at Bishopthorpe Infants School and Archbishop of York Junior School.

Cllr Bob Webb, the education executive, explains that schools make decisions about the number of students they plan to teach each year based on birth rates and available resources.


Cllr Andrew Waller, York Liberal Democrats’ spokesperson for education, highlights the funding disparities faced by schools in York compared to other parts of the country. He emphasizes the need for a fair funding model to provide schools with more flexibility in managing their student intake.