Hilarious Video Shows Workmen vs. Manhole Tug of War
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Hilarious Video Shows Workmen vs. Manhole Tug of War

A mum was given a bit of a laugh after checking her Ring doorbell camera after receiving a notification that there was movement outside her home.

Laura Staunton, 40, was left chuckling after spotting a group of workmen winning a tug of war with a drain outsider at her home in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire.

Clicking on the app, Laura was just in time to see five high-vis men falling over as a rope gave way in November 2023.

Watch a team of workmen win a tug of war against a drain

The logistics worker said: “I was busy at work so ignored the notifications at first but it wouldn’t stop chiming so I took a look.

“I burst out laughing and showed my boss. “I burst out laughing again later when I got home and saw the second guy nearly fall in the bush.

“All of them were laughing about it and no-one was hurt. They drove past later and still seemed to be laughing.”

Ring cameras are no stranger to capturing hilarious moments on camera.

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Last summer, a one-year-old dog, Button, was captured having a playful encounter with the window cleaner on a Ring Stick Up Camera.

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