From York to Remote: Misty & The Motherload’s Journey in the Music Industry
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From York to Remote: Misty & The Motherload’s Journey in the Music Industry

Tim Richardson and Isaac Radcliffe are Misty & The Motherload, a name created from text messages. “The whole idea of the band started from us texting back and forth the silliest song titles we could think of which led to silly band names,” says Tim. Isaac adds the name has stuck in people’s heads, much to his surprise. The pair are both songwriters for the alternative rock band. They met while studying music production at York St John University, where they graduated from in November.

Isaac, 21, left his home in Cheshire to study in York. He’s now in Cornwall completing his masters. Tim, 28, has lived in York all his life and stayed here to complete his masters. The pair spoke to The Press over Zoom. But they say working online has allowed them to make music while living apart.

Describing how the process works, he explains: “It’s a constant text thread all hours of every day. “I probably speak to Isaac the most out of anyone except my wife.” The pair send each other recordings, which are developed into songs. “We have a really good creative relationship,” says Isaac. The pair still class themselves as a York band, even if Isaac lives over 350 miles away. “York is our home base as a band – it’s where we focus our efforts and gig when we can,” he adds.

In November Misty & The Motherload released their three track EP Love Hertz. Despite the pair describing their song as alternative rock, they’re quick to note that they won’t let one genre define them. In fact, their latest EP was rare for the band as they forced themselves to work around its title. “Next year the band plans to release five new singles. Tim says the song’s will include heavier numbers and the “soppiest love song you’ve ever heard”. They also plan to announce new live dates in the New Year. To keep up with Misty & The Motherload, follow the band on Instagram (@mistyandthemotherload).