Emma Farley Makes Appearance on BBC1’s Rip Off Britain
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Emma Farley Makes Appearance on BBC1’s Rip Off Britain

Emma Farley is a well-known marketer who has also made significant contributions to hedgehog preservation. Her work has led her to establish her own jewelry business, Little Silver Hedgehog. Emma shared her experience on a programme, discussing the unethical practices of big businesses and the impact of cheap fast fashion on small businesses and workers.

Last July, Emma’s followers found copies of her products on the Shein website. These fakes later appeared on AliExpress and Ebay. The copied items were virtually identical but made with cheaper materials. Shein removed the items after being reported, but denied responsibility and offered minimal compensation that was later retracted.

AliExpress and Ebay also removed the items but did not offer compensation. As a non-profit organization that sells jewelry to support hedgehog preservation, Emma finds it challenging to legally prevent such copying. She continues to pursue compensation from these global websites, calling it a “David and Goliath battle.”

According to Emma, the fake products are of poor quality and contradicts her ethical values. She warns people to avoid cheap fast fashion and instead support local and ethical businesses. AliExpress stated they notified Emma about the available channels to protect intellectual property rights. Meanwhile, Ebay emphasized its efforts to block counterfeit items.

The programme featuring Emma’s story is set to air on Rip Off Britain. The broadcast is scheduled for Monday, January 15th. Shein did not respond to requests for comment.