Drivers who passed their test before 2015, be aware of DVLA warning
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Drivers who passed their test before 2015, be aware of DVLA warning

Drivers must ensure their driving licences are not expired, as photocards must be renewed every 10 years to maintain an accurate likeness of the driver’s image. Expiry dates are located on the front of the cards in section 4b. Failing to return an expired licence to the DVLA is an offence and may result in a fine of up to £1,000 under the Road Traffic Act 1988.

Richard Evans, head of technical services at WeBuyAnyCar, emphasized the importance of holding a valid driving licence with up-to-date and accurate personal details. He also warned about the potential for increased motoring costs and the risk of fines and vehicle seizure if drivers do not have a valid licence.

Philip Gomm of the RAC Foundation pointed out additional reasons for keeping licences up to date, such as their use as a form of identification and an opportunity for self-assessment of driving readiness. He also cautioned against private websites that charge extra fees for licence renewal assistance.

How to renew your driving licence

The DVLA recommends renewing on its official website, as it is the quickest and cheapest method, with applications costing £14 and usually processed within five days. Third-party websites may charge additional fees, while postal renewals cost £17, and renewing at a Post Office has a £21.50 fee. The DVLA also encourages informing them if individuals stop driving altogether, as they should return their licence rather than keep it as out-of-date photo ID.