Double Trouble: York Prepares for Storm Jocelyn in the Wake of Storm Isha
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Double Trouble: York Prepares for Storm Jocelyn in the Wake of Storm Isha

The image below shows the effects of Storm Isha as it hit York on Sunday (January 22). Thousands of homes and businesses in North Yorkshire experienced power cuts and delays in transportation due to high winds and rain. According to Northern Powergrid, around 32,479 customers were affected, with power restored to 25,260 of them by Monday afternoon. The majority of the affected customers were in Northumberland. Additionally, approximately 900 properties between York and Malton, over 100 properties in Pickering, and 300 homes in Filey, Hawes, and surrounding villages had suffered power outages. Northern Powergrid aimed to restore power to these affected areas by the end of Monday.

Met Office warnings for North Yorkshire were lifted on Monday, but a yellow wind alert remained in place for Tuesday and until 3pm on Wednesday. Storm Jocelyn was forecasted to create strong winds and rain in Northern Ireland and most parts of Britain. This could lead to transport delays, especially for high-sided vehicles, and affect coastal routes due to spray and large waves. An amber wind warning was anticipated to impact northern and western Scotland from Tuesday evening to Wednesday morning, with potential power cuts, compromised mobile phone coverage, and road and bridge closures.

The weather outlook for Yorkshire and the Humber from Wednesday to Friday predicted dry and bright conditions on Wednesday with a return of wet and windy weather on Thursday. Friday was expected to be bright and sunny. Meanwhile, the Environment Agency issued three flood warnings in York as the River Ouse level continued to rise and was projected to peak the following day.

The flood warnings were in place for the Naburn Lock Buildings and Lock Cottages, properties on King’s Staith, and riverside areas through York, and properties along Queen’s Staith, on South Esplanade, Friars Terrace, Tower Place, St George’s Field car park, and Rowntree Park. The EA advised residents to avoid using low-lying footpaths, any bridges near local watercourses, and to refrain from walking or driving through floodwater. The City of York Council closed Rowntree Park and stated that flood defences were being deployed, along with the installation of pumps. Furthermore, the A659 Tadcaster Bridge road in Tadcaster was closed in both directions with multiple bus services experiencing delays. Fallen trees were also reported in Upper Poppleton, blocking Main Street in both directions near the White Horse public house.