2 million households at risk of gas and electricity disconnection, Citizens Advice warns
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2 million households at risk of gas and electricity disconnection, Citizens Advice warns

Charity said many cannot afford to top up their prepayment meter, leading to disconnections.

Citizens Advice found 1.7 million people disconnected at least once a month last year, posing concerns over a regular pattern.

800,000 people struggled to top up, leaving them without gas and electricity, says the charity.

Energy price cap has led to an average increase of £94 per year on energy bills, reaching £1,928, says Citizens Advice.

The charity criticized Ofgem’s decision to permit EDF, Octopus, and Scottish Power to return to prepayment meters, citing concerns over potential abuse.

Citizens Advice expects a busy winter helping people unable to top up, with over five million in energy bill debt, struggling to avoid debt collection or prepayment meters.

One in four people cannot afford essential bills, and one in ten households have borrowed money to cover energy costs in the past six months.

Many turned off heating and skipped meals, says the charity.

Citizens Advice urges urgent reform of the warm home discount and seeks Government action to tackle energy debt.

Half of prepayment meter users with children under four disconnected in the past year due to financial constraints, double the rate of those without children.

Citizens Advice chief executive warns of potential long-term crisis if government fails to act.

Ofgem spokesman expresses concerns and pledges to work with consumer groups to help struggling customers.

Government acknowledges cost of living challenges and points to energy price guarantee and support programs for vulnerable households.

Vulnerable customers encouraged to register for assistance via the Ofgem website.

Yonder survey reveals concerning data about energy debt and disconnections.